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  • XF Series Diesel/Gasoline/LPG Counterbalanced Trucks
  • Capacity :1.0/1.5/1.8/2.0/2.5/3.0/3.5T
  • Lifting Height 3000mm
  • Drive: Diesel/Gasoline/LPG

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Product Features


  • The double lifting cylinders provide better forwar.

  • Dynamic load sensing hydraulic steering system, Efficiency lighting system, lower fuel consump-tion, combine to provide increased productivity and reduced operating costs. 

  • By optimizing transmission design, the power train provides higher efficiency. The fuel consumption is reduced by 10%.

  • Optimal visibility in all directions create the best conditions for high productivity through relaxed and safe working.

  • The new aluminum alloy transmission with full floating structure  features excellent heat dissipation capability, more and thicker disc meet the most demanding applications.

  • The new vehicle controller integrates all electrical components, features excellent durability for temperature, water and vibration for most demanding operation.

  • The new stamped air cleaner featuring tangential intake, double seal with safety filter is durable, corrosion-free and vibration-resistant, provides better filter efficiency and lower intake resistance than the previous. 

  • XF series features rugged design, stamped frame and  engine hood, stamped instrument panel and head guard, heavy profile rail mast combine to provide excellent rigidity, which ensures outstanding reliability even in heavy-duty work.

  • Extra capacity combined radiator with serpentine wave and optimized heat dissipation channel enhance the heat dissipation capability to keep engine reliability even in heavy-duty applications.

  • Optimized hydraulic breather structure and integrated with return oil filter can prolong the service life of hydraulic pressure system. 



The manufacturer reserve the right to some alterations for above data.

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