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  • Capacity :1.5/1.8/2.0/2.5/3.0/3.5/3.8T
  • Lifting Height 3000mm
  • Drive: Diesel/Gasoline/LPG
  • X Series Diesel/Gasoline/LPG forklift

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Product Features

·       The new designed mast increase forward cisibility 15%.

·       High pressure common rail electrionic-controlled engine provide lower failure rate (Common rail engine)

·       Floating structure decrease the vibration by 10%

·       Aluminous plate-fin radiator provides stronger structure

·       Integral locking pin structure on the hood can be opened without tool, which is convenient for daily repair and maintenance

·       Adoption of new generation integrated electric box makes maintenance and repair convenient, layout becomes more reasonable and with better water-proof performance.

·       The enlarged opening angle of hood and increase of left and right hood side plates can provide you with convenient and rapid maintenance mode. 

·       Newly-developed LCD instrument has more comprehensive functions and more stable performance and entirely displays the full truck state, fault code and other important information.

·       Overhead guard adopts special-shaped steel tube, which can reinforce the strength and improve sealing of the cab.

·       Optimized hydraulic breather structure and integrated with return oil filter can prolong the service life of hydraulic pressure system. 



The manufacturer reserve the right to some alterations for above data.

The image shown here is indicative only. The actual product may differ.



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