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  • Self-Propelled Scissor Work Platform
  • Work Height : 6.5/7.8/8.0/10.0/12.0/14.0/16.0m
  • Rated Load : 350/230/450/380kg
  • Battery : 24V/225Ah/300Ah

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Product Features

  • Self-leveling sensor : when the tilt degree is more than 2℃, it wil alarm.

  • Extension deck : You can reach the working place by the extended platform.

  • Easy maintenance and service after opening the battery cover, all key parts are easy access .

  • Steering system: The turning radius is small, it can work in the narrow space.

  • Supporting arms : To protect the operator when he is doing repair or maintenance job.

  • Explosion proof valve : To prevent the platform falling when the oil tube is leaking.

  • Anti-overturning system, after the platform lifting up to 2m,the anti-overturning system will automatically operate, to protect lifting platform from overturn during pass through un-leveling  ground.

  • Manual release valve: when the machine doesn’t work, you can push the machine after pressing this valve.

  • Control Box: This box is including the function of traveling and lifting, when you use the joystick, you can operate the machine with only one hand.



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