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The long-lost summer Olympics made us excited. The every move of the athletes on the field, affects the enthusiasm of those of us mental sports enthusiasts.

Reddot "Olympic Games"

In response to this unforgettable Olympic event, REDDOT EQUIPMENT Headquarters ushered in a two-day sports-themed island team building tour in September.
Reddot "Olympic Games"
All employees actively participate in sports, building sand castles, swimming, beach volleyball, surfing, and cycling around the island., etc. Enjoy the games and keep fit, we will have better energy to devote yourself to work.
Finally we shouted our slogan:" Walk along with dreams, stars and sea. REDDOT EQUIPMENT, win the future together!" 
Reddot "Olympic Games"
To pay tribute to you who are also struggling, REDDOT is with you and looking forward to more cooperation!

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