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  • Reach Truck
  • Capacity 1.5T
  • Lifting Height 3000mm
  • Max. Lifting Height 5500mm
  • 24V/280Ah
  • AC Controller

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Product Features

  • The innovatice AC system offers strong power,accurate control,excellent performance.

  • High strength vertical gearbox,longer working lift.

  • Low-noise but durable hydraulic unit,good quality cylinder as well as hose eneure the high reliability of hydraulic wires geartly reduce malfunctions of components.

  • AMP connector and durable electric wires greatly reduce malfunctions of component.

  • Applied with electric vavle on and better heat releasing systems support long time operation.

  • CJ shape mast channel improves the strength of the whole truck.

  • With the new design of ergonomical tiller head all buttons can be reached conveniently&comfortably.

  • AMP connecter electric qires and cables,greatly reducing electric parts failure rate.

  • Side open battery design for easy battery replacement and various applications.

  • Vertical motor makes the inspection & service much more convenient.



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