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  • IC Tow Tractor
  • Capacity : 3.5/4.0/4.5/5.0/6.0/7.0/8.0T
  • Power Type : Diesel
  • Wheelbase : 2170mm

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Product Features

  • The vehicle appearance is concise, reliable.

  • The hydrodynamic drive system prevents the misoperation of shifting gear.

  • Optimized design structure to offer a good visiblity and easier operation.

  • The electrical switch can cut off the power.

  • The front and beam are made of thick steel plate and welding body, high strength

  • Low body and the cab use skylight, the height of the body remain unchanged, it can protect the roof from the scratch.

  • Opening the cover, the engine, fuel tank, water tank, oil pump, steering gear, brake master cylinder are all exposed, the structure is conducive to the maintenance.

  • Adopt the new digital dashboard and rocker switch, the status of vehicle can be clear at a glance, simple, reliable and intuitive.

  • " Steam Push Fluid " braking system

  • Low speed high torque motor match well with high efficient transmission, and power is strong, the vehicle with high efficiency, excellent of the economy. 

The manufacturer reserve the right to some alterations for above data.

The image shown here is indicative only. The actual product may differ.

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